Mayflower Autism and Therapy Services, LLC

         Brittany Naumann, MA. CCC-SLP 
Speech-Language Pathologist Certified Autism Specialist
 Serving Adults and Children  

Services for Kansas, Missouri and Michigan:

Therapy Provided For the Following:

Consultations (provide suggestions, resources, or advice to target area of difficulty; attend meetings or consult with other professionals as requested). 
Screening(Determine if there is a concern and if further evaluation is needed).
Evaluations (Determine if there is a disorder and recommend plan of treatment). 
Therapy (Individualized to each client).
Teletherapy (Therapy through a platform similar to Skype for Kansas, Missouri and Michigan).

Accent Reduction (Reduce native accent to Standard American English).                           Fluency  (Stuttering, Cluttering).                                 Speech (Articulation,  Phonological Disorder, Dysarthria, Apraxia, Intelligibility).                                  Language (Understanding and being understood when speaking, reading, writing, listening or observing body language).                   Cognition (memory, decision making, problem solving, safety awareness, attention, organizing, planning).                      Neurological & Developmental Disorders (impairments that differ from normal conditions).                                                       Dysphagia (Swallowing).

Home and community based services in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Teletherapy for Kansas & Missouri.