Speech-Language Pathologist
Certified Autism Specialist
Serving Adults and Children

  Mayflower Autism and Therapy Services, LLC

         Brittany Naumann, MA. CCC-SLP

About the Owner/Therapist

      Brittany Naumann is a professional, state licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist as well as a Certified Autism Specialist. She attended the University of South Florida for a Bachelor's Degree in communication sciences and disorders and the University of Kansas where she received a Master's Degree in speech-language pathology. She is currently licensed to practice in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

     Prior to graduate school, Brittany discovered her interest in working in the community and home based environment.  She has had the privilege of working with many knowledgeable and experienced individuals in all areas of the field of Speech-Language Pathology including cognition, voice, fluency, speech, swallowing, modalities and social communication. Her experiences in school districts, skilled nursing facilities, rehab hospitals, clinics and respite care have offered her the opportunity for exposure to a dynamic population in a variety of settings.

     Her greatest area of interest includes autism spectrum disorders. The reason she chose the field of Speech-Language Pathology was originally due to her interest in helping individuals with autism. Since the first book about autism she checked out long ago (Stanley Greenspan’s Engaging Autism), she has vastly increased her experience, knowledge and passion of autism through firsthand experience working with those on the spectrum for nearly 10 years, completing graduate level courses, attending conferences, learning from autism experts, and continuing education courses. Although her specialty is in providing evidence-based therapy for those with autism, she is well-rounded, experienced and equipped to treat many other disorders that lie within the scope of communication pathologies.

   The future goal for Mayflower Autism and Therapy Services, LLC is to operate out of a space large enough to accommodate the individual needs of those seeking services. Currently individual needs are met in the natural environment of client's home and community environments. This is highly beneficial for those individuals on the autism spectrum that have difficulty generalizing skills across environments. Functional skills are learned, practiced and used daily in the home and community environments. Currently families do not need to travel to receive services provided. However, not all resources or materials are able to be brought to the home and community environment. With the goal to expand services offered to include such disciplines as occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis and physical therapy, operating out of an office would be ideal for all clients to get their needs met in one convenient location. More time will be spent providing services to clients with less time spent traveling from location to location. Individuals who require skills to be generalized across environments will still be able to receive such services. It is Brittany Naumann's goal to continue to strive towards making Mayflower Autism and Therapy Services, LLC a better fit for you and your family's individual needs.